I know what to throw away and what to keep… When to let go and when to hold tight.

He clings to the baggage of yesterday’s memory,
And tries to swim through the ocean of today’s reality.
His palms bleed with the scars of yesteryears unattended
Yet he tries to have a firm grip on today’s bliss.

How can a man look into the future When the woes of time past blur his vision?
He makes it to the other side of the pool when he swims light.

You shouldn’t pour new wine into an old bottle.
Nor sew a patch of new cloth on an old garment.
Know when to dwell on and when to move on.

Picture what happens to a river that stops flowing… It gets stagnated and becomes an eye sore.

Yesterday’s pain is today’s gain.
He wins life’s race whose eyes is on the target
But is bound to lose out that never stops looking over his shoulder.
Best you forget what is behind and reach out for what is ahead.

Think about the phoenix, reborn from its ashes, to start a new life.
Even the snake as it sheds its skin so it can growth further.

Shed some weight and up you go.


©ayansola ibukun

43 thoughts on “ABOUT LETTING GO…

  1. So much wisdom in beautiful lines with a significant message – to let go of the past anguishes so as to stay focused. “Picture what happens to the river that stops flowing… We need to move on no matter how bad the past had been. We can’t just give up at any point for any reason and like the river, we must keep flowing. “Yesterday’s pain is today’s gain.” I needed this to let go and move on. Thank you🤗

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    1. ☺ So true. Often times, we miss out on the good things that the present/future avails because we are blindfolded by the woes of the past.

      Thank you always. Your time reading and your profound contributions are deeply appreciated.


  2. Great poem ✍🏾. It’s in the releasing that we make room for more better things in stored. We can’t hold unto everything. Everything has a purpose but a season for its occurrence. Thank you for this reminder 😊

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  3. Lovely post. I have left old ways of being hold me back in the past but I am not longer living my life tied to an old version that no longer serves the life I want to create. Great reminder 💞

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