I Hope

I hope you never settle for the path of least resistance. I hope.

I hope you come to know the difference between complacency and contentment.

I hope you never give up on those legitimate dreams – not settling for less.

I hope you keep putting in the required effort and work even as you pray and hope.

I hope you acknowledge that there is more to life than merely surviving and getting by.

I hope you see each challenge as a learning curve and an opportunity to grow.

I hope you are not full of excuses – easily explaining away your incompetencies.

I hope you learn to take well-calculated and informed risks.

I hope you don’t live life to chances and submit to blind fate. I sincerely hope.

I hope you don’t expect money to fall off a tree like ripe cherries. I hope.

I hope you don’t stay too long in that fool’s paradise called ‘comfort zone’.

I hope you don’t feel entitled to the fruit of another man’s labour – living on handouts.

I hope you endure that rough and crooked road till you burst out on Glory Lane.

I hope you won’t look back in time and regret the chances you didn’t take or the opportunities you passed by.

I hope you don’t live for JUST today.

I hope you maximise your potentials and be all that you can ever be.

I really hope!


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