God has always had huge plans for mankind. That man was the last of his creations wasn’t an afterthought. Actually, man was the chiefest of them all – God’s masterpiece. While he was creating the works of the 1st 5 days – the elements, animals, plants and all, – he was thinking about man. His desire was to make him exist in his likeness and image; to be one with dominion and authority, whose life will know no end.

To this man he gave freewill, even the power to make his own choices. He could have made him into a zombie but what pleasure would a breathing robot bring to him? All that man had to do to abide in the spiritual estate God put him was to obey a simple instruction. However, the wicked one came – that old serpent, the devil – and sowed a seed of contrary opinion in his mind: Don’t listen to God for he doesn’t want the best for you. Our progenitor feasted on this lie long enough until he acted in respect to the devil’s counsel. And thus man fell short of God’s glory.

Man died! Got separated/disconnected from his source, i.e. God and left at the mercy of the evil one. So by one man’s sin, death passed upon all menBut God is rich in mercy. Regardless of man’s shortcomings, he will not let go of his eternal purpose for him. He still desired to bring man back to the place of fellowship with him and make him enjoy the gift of eternal life which he forfeited in the fall.

Right from the fall, God promised to perform the work of restoration BY HIMSELF. Hence, I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. God by himself will. The seed of the woman promised was Jesus – God made flesh!

He couldn’t have come as spirit, in his ‘almightiness’, even as the God that he his for without no shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins and spirits don’t survive on blood. If he was going to carry out a perfect sacrifice for mankind, he would have to share the same humanity with mankind – in flesh and blood.

So deity humbled himself; the everlasting one came in the likeness of men – carried for 9 months in the womb of the virgin Mary. He was of a lowly birth – manger born.

Never was his birth a random incident. Rather, it was prophesied/promised in the scriptures long before he came. Moses spoke concerning his incarnation. Noah witnessed him in the similitude of an ark. Abraham received him in a figure, even in Isaac. David prophesied his birth and so did Isaiah, Ezekiel, Malachi and indeed all the prophets of old.

His birth had/has a purpose: Born to die…to die for the sins of mankind. His incarnation was a rite of passage, a means to an end – sacrifice. This is the essence of Christmas. It’s not a fanfare but a conscious reminder of God’s – and indeed – Christ’ love, faithfulness and uncommon sacrifice.

Hence, the need to share with others the significance of his birth and the crux of his ministry (the ministry of reconciliation). He came to give us a relationship with the father not a mere religion.

Men should not just partake in our special meals and hampers. As nice as that is, it doesn’t relay the message. Let’s communicate God’s love to everyone by bringing Jesus to them. That way, Christmas will make much sense.

On this day and always, we thank the Father for giving us His son, and much more His spirit – till His work on earth is done.