Eli J’s 🎸🎙️To My Unborn Child ✉️🎶

Talk about a short, mind-blowing musical composition with much sense and soul and To My Unborn Child comes to mind!

My encounter with To My Unborn Child by Eli J is one you could describe as that of “love❤️ at first hearing”.

The song, a lyrical ode to an unborn child, is an instructive and sensational piece with a country-like vibe to it.

In this musical piece, Eli J addresses his would-be child and appeals to him not to be in haste to come to the world. As for him, he’ll rather restrain his sexual urge while he works on being a responsible father to the child.

Eli J extols virtues that seems to be phasing out in today’s world, especially as it concerns godly relationships and abstinence.

In a world where incontinency and perversion is the order of the day, Eli J chooses to be responsible. Rather than mess around, put an unprepared lady in the family way, and father a child he can’t take care of, he’ll wait till he is a man and can perform the responsibility of a father.

His resolve is hinged on his identity as a Christian. Hence, Jesus is my light and I’m turning more! He’ll therefore not just be a believer in/by words but much more in conducts.

The maestro himself has this to say about the song:

In life we make varied choices! Some of it, we wish we could take it all back but I say to you… We’ve been given a gift from the past; that is why it is called the Present for with it you can make the right decisions for the future! This is one of those decisions. ” Eli-J

Trust me, merely reading about this song doesn’t cut it. You need to listen to it to get the best feel of it.

Meanwhile, I took the liberty to supply you with the lyrics of the song. I bet you’re gonna love it…

I know you want to come into this world
but I don’t want you to suffer for my wrong.
I see friends having fun, from having fun they are done.
But boy I don’t want it to be my turn.
You see I am trying to build a life
for u and the lady I’ll call my wife.
That’s your mama and talking about
with a ring on her finger, something to shout about.
With a future such as this no need to play around.

You see child, I know someday I will be your Daddy.
I’m sure by then, mama will be ready.
I will be a man and I’ll be fine.
and like a father to a child, all will be fine.

Hello papa please forgive that boy
he didn’t mean to give her a child. (give her a child)
Hey o mama, please forgive that boy
he didn’t mean for her to be gone.
she had to do what had to be done
because she thought her parents would want her gone.
I don’t want that to happen to you.
Jesus is my light and am turning more.

I know someday I will be your Daddy.
I’m sure by then, mama will be ready.
I will be a man and I’ll be fine.
And like a father to a Son, all will be fine.

Makes sense? I’ll like to know what you think about the lyrics.