Some Valid Rants For The New Year

I would like my car to fly and make me breakfast, but that’s an unrealistic expectation. Jack Tretton

I’ve learnt not to have unrealistic expectations of people and not to project my expectations on them either. It’s one reason i’ll never get bitter at anyone or hold people captives in my heart. Men are men I’ve come to learn. I’ll rather lower my expectations of people and be amazed when they deliver than expect much from them only to be disappointed when they fail to live up to my expectations.

Don’t be quick to think of me as a cynic or narcissist. I hope/believe the best of people. People change for the better. Meanwhile, there are really great ones out there – some of whom I’m blessed to know. However, I do well not to live on/by chances.

Perhaps you are someone like me…the type who likes to spend and be spent for others but find it difficult to ask for help when there is need for it. And why is that: It somehow makes you feel like you’re trying to take advantage of them or something. However, there arise a number of occasions when there is a pressing financial need and you are forced to come out of your shell. So, reluctantly, you talk to Uncle A and Friend B about it.

Uncle A tells you he is sorry that he can’t help ‘at this time’ as he just offset some bills recently and is cash-strapped himself. As for Friend B, he really wished he could assist you but doesn’t just have the means to do so at moment. Phew! For someone who hardly bothers others with his personal issues, getting such responses eventually may feel like a slap in the face.

In such cases, you can either feel entitled and be bitter or take the outcome in good faith, move on and trust God to meet that need in His own way.

But Uncle A can’t be broke as he claimed. Didn’t he just purchase a piece of property and bought his wife a new ride while at it? Meanwhile, Friend B is just plainly tightfisted; he never wanted to give in the first place.

Consider this: What if neither Uncle A or Friend B didn’t have what to spare as they claimed? Perhaps they could do much more in the nearest future. And even if they had and wouldn’t give…so what? They aren’t responsible for me and neither do I labour for them. Why then should I hold a grudge against them for not being helpful?

Interestingly, in most cases, such needs are met through means I least expected.

Regardless of disappointing experiences I have in my dealings with folks, regardless of the unpleasant turn of events, it doesn’t change my resolve to always be the best of me. The truth is when a door closes, another opens. Unfortunately, the man who becomes fixated on a particular closed door may never notice when the other opens.

True, you get to have men (not spirits) minister to your needs. You however don’t get to determine who exactly will. Doing so may imply setting yourself up for a certain circle of disappointments and heartaches.

Tieing the nots

It’s a new year. Don’t have exaggerated/unrealistic expectations of folks. Enlarge your heart/mind. See beyond the limited sphere. Be intelligent with situations, experiences and actions. Never forget that there are always two sides to a coin. Believe/hope the best of people but never rest your hope on people. Rather than be the gimme guy, strive to be the giving guy. Do your best to take responsibility for your life and trust God to meet your every needs.

When a door closes, another opens!

Thank you for reading.


30 thoughts on “WHEN A DOOR CLOSES…

  1. Uncle A, you are right on the spot 👍🏾. There’s so much to say concerning this matter. Indeed when one door closes, another opens but at times we just don’t know when another will open so we set our heart and eyes on the closed door in hopes that it will slightly open so that we can enter. I think that a lot of times the reason why we become so fixated on a closed door is because we assumed that that particular door was a passageway to our breakthrough. For sure, there’s nothing wrong with having expectations but as you mentioned we shouldn’t put our hope completely in men. Uncle A and Friend B are both human beings who make decisions as we all do. They have their own wahala. As for me, I must admit that sometimes when your the one that people come to in times of need, when time comes and you are in need and those people who you lent a helping hand to cannot deliver unto you, it’s hard to grasp but if there’s anything that I’ve learned over the course of a few years I would have to say this “The same people you pour into are not the same people who will necessarily pour back into you. God will send His own troopers.

    Many times, the people we expect to be of help to us, may not be able to for a particular reason. In all our ways, we must continuously learn to fix our eyes on God but never overlook the Samaritan, God will send our way. I was truly blessed by this post. Thank you. I am proud of you 😊🕊

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    1. “The same people you pour into are not the same people who will necessarily pour back into you. God will send His own troopers”. 👌 This makes a great deal of sense.

      When we trust God for certain things, we should learn to have an open mind concerning how He’ll get it done rather than trying to limit him by waiting on a person as an answer to our prayers.

      I’m glad it was a blessing to you. Thank you for not giving up on my ‘writing hat’.

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  2. Well said. Couldn’t agree more. Our main trust and expectation should be in God. Men are bound to disappoint and fall short in times of need. But God is not a man He should lie…He is always there willing and ready to help in times of need.

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  3. Yes o. Many other doors open up!.

    I am like that fellow that rarely asks too and can feel disappointed. But the Me now, knowing that we are all fallible beings and never sufficient as our God is. It makes me turn my focus back to Him rather than living in the horror of being rejected or disappointed. As men we will continue to be men and God will certainly continue to be God!. Unfailing!

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  4. Wonderful message! Thanks! We should always put our trust in God over people. People of course can be a blessing, however our ultimate focus should be on the Lord. He is our true Source and will supply our needs.

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