It’s not your typical kind of well-structured write-up. The style is merely a representation of a thought-process… some random thoughts on man and the law of process…


One explosion won’t always do it!

Not everything can be fixed by a quick fix.

  • A student in a higher institution of learning thinks she can easily slut her way into getting high grades or at best, buy it. Another believes he can coerce the lecturer into getting it by invoking the name and terror of his cult group. There goes the man who is placed in a position of power. His immediate concern is to amass as many ill-gotten wealth as possible. So a little padding here, a little palm greasing there and boom! He is a big deal. The dude  won’t take education seriously and neither will he learn a skill/craft. “Those paths don’t get you to your destination in time”, he’ll affirm. The short cut of cybercrime and gangsterism will do.     

How would you react if your day-old child suddenly begins to talk and walk concurrently? You are likely to consider it abnormal/extraordinary and take flight. 

Not every time can you bypass the law of process.

Sometimes, workaround all you want, you won’t get desired result

Remember the man who took a plate of hot soup in a hurry? He couldn’t enjoy the rest of it because his tongue was scarred.  

Sometimes, in order to get to the desired destination, you’ve got to take it a coordinated step at a time. 

Taking a leap is impressive. However, how do you take care not to leap into wrong conclusions since a leap is all about an abrupt move? Why take a leap in the dark when you can take stock?

Certainly, you can’t come to harm for being deliberate, methodical and consistent.

No one reaches up to heaven the day he becomes tall.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to create great things. 

Last time I checked, you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too.

A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a step and what’s a journey if not a process of development – a gradual passing from one state to an advanced one.  
Life is in stages. You either develop and progress through it or you take it in a rush and crash out. 

A wise man once said sometimes, the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. 

What’s a step? It’s a stage in a progression toward some goal or target. In taking steps, take it step by step. While you step on it, be careful to watch your steps. 

Consider the magnificence of the iroko tree. You’ll think it came by its grandeur suddenly by the sheer power of some ancient spell. Alas, it went through decades of rigorous transformations.

Grow! The man who refuses to grow plans to groan.  

Learn; unlearn and relearn – that’s growth. 

Think about storms in a pond… You drop a large stone into a pond and you get a splash and that’s it. It’s over! However, drop a smaller stone and wait till the ripples weaken and drop a smaller stone, and another, and another, and another…the ripples will reinforce one another in geometric progression and you get a series of  consistent and effective explosions instead of one big but lousy bang. THERMODYNAMICS 101

Don’t jump the gun because you are under the gun. 

Respect the law of process lest you are processed out of the scheme of things.

What you run from, you run into eventually. 

One step at a time and you can never go wrong. 

Thoughts inspired by the movie THE CORE 

Image Credit:Spotmold.com