Being entitled will leave its impacts on you. You can however be sure it’s not going to be positive ones.

I’m going to live a happy and healthy life, one devoid of bitterness or resentment towards anyone. You know why? I’ve learnt how not to have undue expectations of anyone.

Yea, God won’t come in the flesh to do you a personal favour. He came once and for all time sake. In the scheme of things, men are the medium through which he blesses men. Who he will use for you, where and when are His exclusive preserve. Coming to terms with this is finding peace.

“Well, my uncle is well to do. He was in a good position to assist me with getting that contract but he didn’t. He is nothing but heartless!”

“I don’t want to have anything to do with my brother anymore. A brother who couldn’t come true for me when I needed his help is not worth having”

Too bad!

You simply assumed they had the ability to grant your request. After all, they have really good jobs, lived in nice houses and seemed to be living fine. What could go wrong!

But what if things were not what they appeared to be at the time? Life’s not always black and white, remember? What if they were going through their own personal hell too? What if they really wanted to help but couldn’t?

When you liberate yourself from entitlement, you appreciate whatever you get. You develop a sense of gratitude for gifts. You realize it’s not “deservation”.

Do not expect to be people’s priority. Everyone has his/her challenges. It might not be apparent to you. Unless you’ve earned it, whatever comes from others isn’t your right.

  • Always have a heart of gratitude, even for the seemingly little things.
  • Be a giver.
  • Take responsibility for your life. Do all that is within your power to better your lot.
  • Learn to depend more on the Lord for your every need. He’ll meet them in ways you least expect.

I trust you are doing great.



  1. Welcome back Ibukun. It’s been a while. I enjoyed reading this post. I definitely agree that having a entitlement mentality won’t get one anywhere. Everyone is facing their own battles and although people may be willing to give a helping hand in times our troubles, things happen. Instead of getting upset and blaming others, we should just accept the reality of the matter and take a lesson from it. What man cannot do, God will make happen for us at His own timing. We must learn to put our trust in God, not man. Thank you for sharing 🥁🤗

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  2. Funny, I was just thinking on this recently and I came to a conclusion that no one owes me anything and having no expectations from other people means no disappointment.

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  3. I like your perspective. I see many around me laying blames on their rich brothers, uncles, aunties for refusing to help them and actually hold grudges.. I tell them, you don’t know if this person has what you’re asking for. Some people package and manage themselves and might look capable on the inside. Besides whoever get hands and legs and good sense should not blame others for their bad condition.
    Nice to read your post.
    Hope you’re doing great at your end.
    Have a blessed day.

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  4. I actually came looking for your post and I’m not disappointed. When you expect more from people you will always end up getting disappointed. Maybe they don’t help cos they are also going through their own mess. But what if they ain’t facing any problem, they owe you nothing, it’s their life, they made it how they wanted it to be. It’s time to make yours and been bitter about how others neglected you when you needed them. If they help you fine, if they don’t it wasn’t meant to be. God Himself provides a helper when you need one. Let’s trust Him and move on. Well written dear.


    1. Your summation of the post is so apt, Bridget! Having an undue expectation of people is setting oneself up for disappointments and a life of bitterness. In this life, it’s all man for himself. Meanwhile, one with God is majority. We all should learn to take responsibility for ourselves and trust God to take care of the rest. People will remain people.

      Thank you for visiting the blog and digging into the ‘archive’.

      I trust you’re doing great.

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