(Not a poem dear friends. Just some random thoughtful lines of mine)

Why joke away the formative days?
It’s useless craving vanity at old age.

If hard work beckons, don’t shirk.
Smart work is poverty’s greatest threat.
There’s dignity in labour so do yourself the favour.

Even deity had his time in creation.
So why should your time be an exception?

Only fools make insurance policy of family wealth.
A man’s closest kin is his arm you get?
Shame on the slacker; he should learn from the ant rather.

The cutlass is sharp but he swings with a swag.
He tosses the blade when the grass won’t yield:
Only bad workmen blame their tools.

The only load the loafer carries is a bag fool of excuses.
But nothing instructs the loafer better than hunger.

Lack rarely visits on short notice;
it’s a testament to a lifestyle of tardy practice.
Today’s gain being yesterday’s pain.

Shoulder your own burden in season.
Why be another man’s burden for no reason?

The labourer is worthy of his hire.

The skillful worker his dollar.

What is it going to be for the idler?

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34 thoughts on “WORK💼

  1. Thanks! These are all very thought provoking. I especially like this…
    “Lack rarely visits on short notice;
it’s a testament to a lifestyle of tardy practice.” 

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  2. It looks random but i can see the message clearly.
    Work now
    Work smart
    There is dignity in labour.
    Very important guidelines in these post. Thank you

    Liked by 3 people

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