The price of greatness is responsibility – Winston Churchill


Have you ever come across a man who, in trying to make sense of life, does everything except consciously taking practical steps to achieving his goals? I mean one who refuses to use the abilities God has endowed him with in tackling life issues yet expect the same God to do it all? He can fast, pray, make faith confessions about success in exams without taking time to study. He can waste away on the mountain top praying for prosperity without being gainfully employed. Well, he is the very definition of irresponsible.

We live in a world where men outsource critical thoughts to religion; a society where many hide their ineptitude under the guise of spirituality. In such a world, seeking escape in religion tends to be an easy way to escape accountability. Even issues that require a commonsensical approach are taken to the Lord in prayer.

Here is a piece of good news for the indolent: The Lord doesn’t take pleasure in laziness (in all ramifications), neither does he reward slothfulness.

Religion gives the religious a false sense of hope and paints in his mind a picture of El Dorado. It tells him to relinquish his thinking faculties to the sovereignty of a supreme being who can do it all while he goes to sleep. It makes him dwell in a pitiful state of delusion where he believes he can have his cake and eat it. Aldous Huxley isn’t far from the truth when he said religion is the price folks pay for being intelligent but not as yet intelligent enough.

I dare say that a true believer is not religious; instead, he is one whose relationship with God prompts him to take steps/actions of faith. He is not one who lets go of his mental faculties in dealing with life/natural situations. For instance, while he trusts God for prosperity, he knows He (God) won’t rain them down from heaven like ripe cherries off a tree. Hence, he plays his part in the process.


Ever wondered why manna ceased to fall for the Israelites once they set foot on Canaan? Did you think God no longer had the ability to provide it at that point? Manna stopped because there was no longer need for it. God only rained it down because they couldn’t grow crops for food in the desert. Free meal was over the minute they stepped into an environment where they could plant crops and get their own meal. God won’t encourage unproductivity.

I believe in miracles; they happen every day. However, to think that it’s something one can conjure at any time when one needs to cut corners is the height of self-deceit. Miracles won’t be miracles if they get to happen randomly, at one’s whim. Essentially, miracles are interventions (emphasis on intervention) of the supernatural in the affairs of humans when natural efforts fail.

It’s gross irresponsibility for a man to dwell in a state of unreason and believe he can pray away everything. After all, he can do all things through Christ. When such a man has an interview, he doesn’t bother to acquaint himself with the modus operandi of the company – God is able. When he has a professional exam to prepare, he’ll rather spend all his time praying and studying the bible – I know all things. He detects strange and persisting symptoms in his body but refuses to go for check-up to know how to address it– He is Jehovah Rapha


Consider the story of two farmers who went to sew crops on their individual farms. While one kept going back to water it, weed it and fight pests, the other sat contentedly at home trusting God for a good harvest. We both know who is deserving of that harvest. You see, prayer is an effective weapon in the spiritual arsenal of the believer. With it, he can turn things around and make things happen. When the believer prays the prayer of faith, God hears him. However, there are things mere praying won’t do. Some things also simply require that a man think, plan, and be proactive.

Great nations of the world didn’t turn out so simply because they had a large population of spiritual men. These nations grew because well-meaning citizens engaged/challenged their minds and took practical steps. The same applies for successful people. Many who like to pray away everything without taking actions do so because thinking gives them pain. So they’ll rather abdicate their responsibilities and leave everything at the doorstep of faith.

If you fail to do what is within your capacity in order get desired results, you won’t have God to blame for your misery. While you rely on God to perfect all that concerns you, ensure you do what you have to do in the natural.

Engage your brain, plan, be proactive, work and pray. Remember, God is going to send the rain but you’ve got to prepare your field to receive it.