It’s your day today and I’m here trying to figure out what to say to/about you…

Knowing you has made these facts about friendship more evident:

✅ Friendship is intentional – It won’t survive if taken with a pinch of salt.

✅ It’s a responsibility – There are things expected of you & which you ought to live up to.

✅ It’s not a bed of roses – It’s not always a smooth ride or walk in the park.

✅ True friendship endures regardless of distance/space – Any form of relationship will work if you want it to.

✅ If you are not adding value to the other person, you are not a real friend.

✅ Friendship is when you don’t make the other feel comfortable in his/comfort zone but force them to lever yourself up.

✅ A friend is one who accepts you just the way you are but pushes you to be a better person.

✅More importantly, a true friend is real, sincere and down-to-earth with you. He/she doesn’t walk on egg shells around you. Will tell you what you’re not doing right at every point.

I can go on and on…

You soar with wings as eagles…

Going higher and stronger.

You are as vintage wine…

Never losing its taste.

Just like the Iroko tree…

All of your being adding value to mankind.

Like a tree planted by the river side…

Ever refreshed, the season regardless.

Even as a flint…

Standing the test of time.

Happy birthday Karen! 🎂

Thank you for all you do.

It’s been a blessing having you as a friend 🥂

P. S. Do show her some love by visiting her blog and availing yourself of the pretty great contents she has to offer.

21 thoughts on “TO KAREN: ON HER BIRTHDAY

  1. Where do I even start with you ore mi? My goodness. Ibukun, thank you very much 🤗. I appreciate you. Indeed, you are truly a blessing in my life. You are a gift and I’m thankful for you. Who would have thought that WordPress would collaborate two passengers from different worlds together? It was God’s doing and I am grateful. God’s work is purposeful, so cheers to what lies ahead. On board we go! No gari soakings today 😂. Fried plantains for life. God bless you my friend ✨🙌🏿. Have an awesome day 🥁

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    1. 😁 It’s indeed a small world. Interesting how the social media can help make great connections. But of course, we should thank you more for your understanding, patience and all. Hope you had a pleasant birthday.

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