Such a flaw in human nature
Never to value what we have until we lose it.
The cares and love of real ones to neglect
And desperately seek to please the one who cares less.

“They’ll always be there” so he takes them for granted,
Until they call his bluff and live him deserted.
Gold in the hands of the undiscerning is a travesty
Pearls also should never be cast among swine.

He trades off his kin at his season of plenty,
Never to be regained in his period of paucity.
Such a sturdy cord it is that binds folk together
But then it snaps when it suffers the strains of mistreatment.

The river that forgets its source becomes history.
Love is not a caged bird…endearing yet unfettered.
Much is expected from whom much is given
So don’t lose the moon while counting the stars.

Nothing fans the flame of love and respect than these.
Love unrequited, feelings unappreciated, efforts unacknowledged…
Nothing bids true affection goodbye than these.

When you sell your brother to a stranger,
Even the buyer will trust you no longer.
When you relish a façade and shun the bona fide,
To whom shall you turn when the chips are down?

©ayansola ibukun

31 thoughts on “WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN…

  1. Great lines Ayan! Well written. Charity they say begins at home. If I left my crying brother to console a crying stranger, something must be somewhere. It’s either I do not care at all about my own blood or that I think he should better take care of himself. Nothing breaks the heart more than knowing that the person you hold dear doesn’t care at all.

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  2. I like how you mentioned humans fail to place value on something until it is lost. We should show gratitude for those in our lives and the blessings we have on a daily basis. 🙏🏿

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  3. As the saying goes, you never know what you have until it’s gone but many times, we know what we have but we don’t think we will ever lose it. We must learn to be appreciative of all that we have no matter how small or big we see it. Everyone we encounter serves a unique purpose in our lives. We must value people but not treat them like the material things we buy. Great post 😊👌🏿

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    1. “…but many times, we know what we have but don’t think we will ever lose it”. This is another brilliant angle/perspective from which to look at it – taking what/who matters for granted. Every one has a breaking point. Love is more of an action than a concept.

      How can I thank you enough for your continued support and profound contributions. 🙏

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          1. I’m thankful for Father God allowing our paths to cross, you inspire me to walk deeper and closer to Him and you’re teaching me about writing. Have a blessed day my brother in Christ


  4. I am totally in love with this write up. The words paint an exquisite and realistic picture of who and what man is and can be sometimes. “We never know the importance of what we have till we loose it” this line says it all…
    We are too concerned chasing after the shadows and forgetting the reality….
    We use people and love things…. It’s like gradually the world is loosing it’s sense of pure and unconditional love and this write up….is a wake up call to many people and nations
    I’m so reblogging this on my site.
    Thank u alot!

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    1. 💯 🔊 The essence of the write -up couldn’t have been well summarized than you just did. You even brought in a profound dimension to it that I didn’t observe. It’s ‘interesting’ how we pay attention to the minor and neglect the major. We need to reorder our priorities and set our affections on the things that matter.

      Thanks a lot for not only reading but shedding more light on the subject. I’m also grateful for the reblog. 🙏

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