Whoever says writing is always pleasurable is either downright insincere or miserly with the truth.

Let’s face it, writing can be a hell of a task at times, especially when you don’t have the motivation to do so. And the ‘good news’ is you won’t always have the inspiration to write.

Sometimes, in the absence of the right stimulus, each word that goes into a write-up feels like torture. The case is different when you have a muse to write. But then, you can’t always wait on that if you want to be a serious writer.


I once wrote a short story (just a short story) that took me about four months to finish up. (Well, it was a ‘pet work’ of mine so I didn’t have to commit to a deadline). I was at work one fine morning when the inspiration to write it came. There and then, I set to work on it. It was as though I was under a spell while at it at work as the idea flowed seamlessly.

However, the minute I got home and resumed the writing, inspiration bid me farewell! I didn’t even know the next word to write let alone how to develop the story further. Although I could have dropped it and move on to other important things, I decided to put the short-lived inspiration to shame by finishing up no matter how long it took.

So today, I write a sentence, cross it out and wait till another time my brain cooperates. Anyway, I finished the blasted story after 4 travailing months. It turned out to be one of my finest stories. Ever since, I’ve made it a point of duty never to give up on a write up I start but ensure I perfect it.


Most of my works are products of a nudge or some kind of inspiration bug. I’ll like to think that the case is the same for the best of works written by the finest of writers. Unfortunately, even the best of wordsmiths don’t always have the luxury of a muse to write. If you intend to make a life/name off the writing profession, you won’t always wait for an inspiration before you put pen to paper.

I’ve written many write ups in fits and starts. I seem to get into the mood to right something, I start writing and at some point, I get the writer’s block and then abandon it. I however make it a rule to finish whatever I started, no matter how long it takes. Some articles/stories I wrote are products of weeks of efforts. When you keep making conscious effort at writing, with time, it becomes less irksome. Even though you are still going to need inspiration for many of your works, you won’t always have that luxury.

This art requires a great deal of passion, persistence and practice.

What do you do when the inspiration to write doesn’t come?

Be your own inspiration!

Sometimes, when the ‘spirit’ doesn’t ‘move’ you, you ‘move’ the spirit. Proactivity is the key. Don’t always wait for that exceptional idea to come at you. Instead, take the initiative and create something out of nothing.

Personally, in the bid to inspire myself, I explore diverse alternatives. Occasionally, I write in response to something I saw, heard, read or experienced that got me thinking. At times, I read voraciously and find inspiration to write from the works of others. From time to time, I get to assign myself topics in particular fields, research on it, read up similar works in that area, gather relevant facts and set a deadline for completion. Sometimes, I write based on some areas of interest. It’s much easier when you write on subjects you find intriguing. That way, you won’t have to labour excessively each time you pick up your pen to write.

Effectiveness is birthed in consistency and doggedness. Nothing good comes cheaply. Even the best of writers will be sincere to tell you that perfecting a piece isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes, they struggle to put pieces of ideas together coherently. At other times, they feel drained after a series of imaginative back and forths. However, what they don’t do is quit.

It takes determination, effort, proactivity, practice and interest to get the job done. Inspiration is needed and advantageous. However, it’s not always available. If you really want to write, you’ll have to go out of your way.

PS: I owe the inspiration for this write up to Florence @

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  1. Great post. Striking topic. To be frank, lack of writing inpsiration is very serious obstacle to writing. Somedays are worse than the others. And as you said, “move the spirit, if the spirit doesn’t move you.” Yes a writer should be that determined and desperate. I learned not to wait for inspiration after arguing with someone who said that as far as she was concerned, there was no such thing as writer’s block. That writers should stop talking about it. She said she went to her screen and started typing away. To experiment, to prove her wrong, I took up a challenge to write for 30 days without missing a day and was able to meet up with the challenge up to 23 days non-stop – writing short story a day. You know what? I found out she was right! From there, I learned not to allow the blocker stand in the way. Another point I’m going away with from this post is – get a topic, surf the net, get the facts, write in your own style and you are good to go. Thanks for sharing this post and for the mention. I had no idea, I inspired a great writer. I’m humbled. Thanks.

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    1. Wow. Here she comes again… Making me feel like having another inspiration to write from her comment. But then, you are ‘all correct’. Even the demon called writers block shouldn’t stop the writer from writing. It takes a great deal of doggedness to get the job done. By the way, you are a study in humility. You don’t know how much you do with your writings. Thanks always.

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  2. Thanks for this! It’s very motivating. Inspiration is all around us to write. I’m glad God opens our eyes to see it. We just have to put forth the effort like you mentioned 😊

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  3. You are right… if you have to constantly wait for inspiration before you write, you wouldn’t go far… for me I just go with the flow of things. Thank you for also pointing out a very important fact about not giving up on a writeup, you keep trying until you finally get what you are looking for.

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  4. I enjoyed this. I’m not a writer but I think I “get by” on my blog. I struggle even when its something that I’ve lived through. I just always hope to help/encourage rather than just give an account of my life. This usually leads to quite a few saved drafts till they feel just right to post.

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    1. I think we share that attitude to writing in common. Many of the posts I put up are those I wrote a while ago. I don’t get to post them until I feel like it.

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to read through.

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  5. In the past I dealt with lots mixed feelings , I don’t want to call it writers block cause I was never blocked I just followed the leading . as they say ‘as the spirit leads ‘ . I didn’t take it so serious and I was writing according to the words that dropped in me . but now I don’t do as the spirit leads anymore , I create ,create and create .

    I have a whole lot to share , some am scared of , others I am sharing . the idea is to inspire people so why wait for you to be inspired before sharing the word .

    My first approach to this was God . knowing God has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in all aspect . he’s creative and has his child am also creative , wow amazing . so studying his word gives me ideas a lot .

    I tend to think a lot , brainstorming on different issues has helped me gather lots of content . I could sit with you and we could talk all day , am actually having more than one content from that discussion.

    But the only issue I have is time . the time to actually pen down this words and post it on my blog . its crazy , I guess am already diverting .

    Don’t mind me , I talk a lot 😂

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    1. I was smiling reading through your comment. Trust me, you were making sense all the way. You indeed right from your heart and that reflects in your writings. Plus that makes you really genuine. I must confess I’m intrigued by your posts and can’t help but see how much strength /growth life experiences has produced in you. I’m glad you’ve left the ‘as the Spirit leads league’. That’s a nice excuse not to do the needful. Meanwhile, God has given so much to right about. To whom much is given, much is expected. So be confident about the goodness you want to pass around. By the way, I wish there could be an opportunity where I’ll sit with you all day and learn.

      Your write ups are more than profound. I can’t wait to read more.

      PS. It seems the comment section of your landing page is disenabled. Been trying to leave feedbacks to no avail.

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      1. Aww.. Should I say am blusing ,my cheeks are red just that am dark and dark girls don’t have red cheeks 😃. Each day you make me want to write more because you are interested in reading , thank you .

        If you get to sit with me then know you ain’t going home again , am a talkative . you would be judging me in your mind ” this girl can talk sha” . there’s so much to learn from you as well.

        I don’t even know if I have a landing page but I used to and I deleted it , I guess maybe that’s why you can’t make a comment . let me revisit it and see what I can do about that . thank you

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  6. I forgot to add this , I have books I haven’t completed as well but today I wrote down and promised myself that I would revisit my old books and ensure I work on it .

    Opportunity does not wait for anyone , when it comes if you are not ready ,it walks by . so I need to be ready . 😋

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    1. Hello Rupali. I’m glad you find the post helpful. And trust me, I can totally relate with your blogging experience. I’m also a work in progress as well. It takes passion and consistency to grow the blog. Don’t worry, just continue to put out good contents and work on increasing your followings. The blog will blossom in no time. I’ll be following up on your posts.

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  7. I write random thoughts in the diary depending on what I am feeling on that particular day and then pen it down in a proper sequence.I may not be a good writer but my writings are emotions expressed in words..

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  8. This is true… There were times when I wrote down an idea in just… 5 lines. I visited that topic after a month🤣
    I was like… I can’t kill my self, if it comes, it comes.
    Thank you for sharing these vital points.

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      1. Today is for Ibukun’s blog. 😃
        I’ve not been seeing your recent uploads on my feeds. So, I was about to attack you for not writing since. When I checked your page I discovered I’ve missed a lot of post. 🙂
        Anyway, I’ve been able to catch up. Lol

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