God’s ultimate desire was (and is still) to draw all men unto Him and be unto them a father. 

Therefore, when he created the first man Adam, he did not Lord it over him. Rather, he established a relationship with him. God would come in the cool of the day and share His mind with him. To show the extent of His affability, he gave him freewill. It turned out that Adam chose to use that freewill against God’s will and wish. As a consequence of his inaction, he – and by default the whole of mankind – fell from grace. But God is merciful. He would not live humanity in the state of hopelessness for long. So he made a way of escape – a sacrifice as atonement.     

However, the sacrifices of goats and rams wouldn’t meet this end. No man on earth could also stand in the gap (for all have sinned…). Seeing the fix that man found himself, God spoke forth concerning the incarnation and redemptive work of His son: that seed will bruise the serpent’s head. 

It was concerning his birth and more that the elders of old spoke (in Sundry times and divers manners). The prophets prophesied his birth from their perspectives. God depicted Jesus to Noah in the form of an ark; to Abraham, the symbolic figure of Isaac. Even the Israelites drank of him in the wilderness…

His Excellency made himself of no reputation, and came in the likeness of a man. Nobility emerges from a lowly birth. Yes, he was manger-born. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Heaven kissed earth and behold a great swap of right and privilege: The son of God became the son of man that the sons of men may become the sons of God. 

Did he come because there was no room enough for him in heaven? Or was it because He wanted a kingdom of His own? No! For he thought it not robbery to be equal with God. Rather, he came to destroy the works of the devil – to give us life and that more abundantly. This is the essence of Christmas. It’s not a fanfare but a conscious reminder of God’s – and indeed – Christ’ love, faithfulness and uncommon sacrifice.     

Hence, the need to share with others the significance of his birth and the crux of his ministry (the ministry of reconciliation). He came to give us a relationship with the father not a mere religion.

Men should not just partake in our rice and hampers. As nice as that is, it doesn’t relay the message. Let’s communicate God’s love to everyone by bringing Jesus to them. By so doing, Christmas will make much sense.

On this day and always, we thank the Father for giving us His son, and much more His spirit – till His work on earth is done. 

Merry Christmas!

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