Ugo’s dream of travelling to the United States finally came through. He was eventually granted the US visa after various futile attempts. 

Honourable Jerry, his uncle and a member of his state house of assembly was so excited about his luck that he decided to buy him a first class ticket. His uncle’s overly display of generosity surprised and baffled him at the same time. Why waste such precious amount on a first class ticket when he could have given him the cash equivalent.

He was going to be staying with his brother Charles until he had found his feet. Charles was well established as a business man over there and had assured him of a seamless transition. His brother’s assurance notwithstanding, Ugo chose not to leave everything to chances. He had therefore saved up a reasonable sum of amount which he could fall back on peradventure things did not work out as planned.

Ugo had spent his entire life in one of the backwaters of his state and had consequently led a rustic lifestyle. He had managed to finish his high school education but remained uninformed. For instance, he had only been told by folk that it takes a financially capable person to board a first class flight, he did not know the perks that accrues to it. 

The day to travel finally came and he boarded the plane without any incidence. He was however tensed up, being his first time on a plane. At different points in the journey, he observed that those on the first class section with him kept ordering for this and that. Some asked for expensive drinks and others mouth-watering dishes. He felt like asking one of the flight attendants for something to eat because he was beginning to get hungry. However, the thought of what his order would cost put his craving in check. 

On three different occasions, a smart looking flight hostess kept approaching him to ask for what he would like to be served. He kept telling her thanks a lot; I’ll be just fine. It was a first-class apartment after all; the gratification of one’s need on it must come at a heavy cost. These people ordering expensive stuffs are obviously wealthy. If they aren’t paying for their order in cool cash, they will pay via other means, he thought wistfully. As for him, he was only lucky to be on the same apartment with them- he dared not follow their example. The saying: cut your cloth according to your cloth kept flashing through his mind.

So it happened that he embarked on a hunger strike throughout the flight not tasting a thing – an eight-hour flight without even a glass of water. The plane finally touched down at the airport and he disembarked feeling famished.

 How was your flight? asked Charles his brother who came to pick him up?

 It was hitch-free, he replied without any excitement. But first thing first, I need to eat asap. I’m so famished. 

How do you mean you’re so famished, Jude enquired. Didn’t you have anything on your first-class trip?

You think I’m foolish enough to squander all my life savings on the delicacies of an eight-hour flight. Those who were rich enough to afford such luxury did. However, yours sincerely preferred to stay hungry rather than parting with the meagre sum I had on me.

Upon hearing his brother’s epistle on the virtues of prudency, Jude burst out in uncontrollable laughter. He didn’t stop laughing until his belly began to ache. A hungry and angry man that he was, John didn’t find his brother’s laughter funny.

Did I say something funny? He asked angrily. Oh, I sound like a clown to you now, right?

Not at all, said Jude who was still trying to recover from his laughing fit. You flew first-class bro. Don’t you know what that means? Everything you order is completely free. You’re entitled to anything you ask for as long as it’s available. You just lost your entitlement to the goodies that was available to you. 

As Ugo listened to his brother’s revelation, the feeling of anger and embarrassment enveloped him. In his ignorance, he had forfeited the benefits accrued to him. He had suffered right in the midst of plenty.


The experiences of many believers can be likened to that of Ugo’s.

The truth is, every believer was once in a hopeless state and at the mercy of the devil. However, at salvation, Christ lifts us up from the dunghill of guilt and hopelessness and make us sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. If God wouldn’t spare His son but deliver Him for us, wouldn’t He with Him (Christ) freely give us all things? Of course, He will and the devil knows this too. His utmost desire therefore is that we remain ignorant of God’s plan and purpose for our lives, to grope for direction in the midst of so much light, and thirst desperately before a fountain flowing of living waters. 

What things were mysteries to the men of old have been revealed to us by the Spirit through His word. In His word, we gain access to revelation. The veils of our minds eyes are opened. We get to see the devil for who he really is and come to an understanding of who we are in Christ Jesus. 

A believer will therefore do a great disservice to himself when he fails dig into the Word. Paul understood the essence of revelation knowledge and prayed it, on different occasions, for most of his children. At different points, he kept repeating the statement I’ll not have you ignorant… When the eyes of our hearts are flooded with light, we get to know the hope to which God has called us, the richness of His glorious inheritance in us, and the immeasurable, unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in us. God is ever willing to reveal Himself to us while the devil wants us to remain ignorant of His word/will.

Be a student of the bible. Stay where the Word is been rightly divided and never stop praying for revelation knowledge.

We refuse to be ignorant believers! We win!   

Image credit: Pixabay 


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